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Be The Best Military Fitness was founded by Graham Betty and Adam Hughes, between them they have a total of 18 years combined service. The following information has been provided by Graham, detailing how he was inspired to start Be The Best Military Fitness (BTBMF) with Adam.

Shortly after joining the Army, my passion and enthusiasm for physical exercise quickly became apparent. I therefore became a physical training instructor (PTI) – a role that I undertook for a further eight years training comrades to be physically fit enough to be on active duty in war zones worldwide.

Keen to continue my passion following leaving the Army, Adam and I founded BTBMF, basing our companies principles and structure of the fitness sessions based upon the Army’s key principles:

  • Moral Courage
  • Discipline
  • Strength of Character
  • Commitment
  • Team Work

We have created training sessions that incorporate these key principles, in a motivating and fun way. Our sessions are suitable for everyone, regardless of fitness level or age.

Our fitness programs are split into three groups according to your ability – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

All ability groups will benefit from an effective, military style training program, that has been developed specifically for civilians.

Our training program focuses on helping you achieve your own personal goals, in a social, outdoor setting, by increasing your stamina, speed, strength, and agility.

Our classes are held in parks local to you, all year round. These have been carefully selected to provide the best possible training.

Why not sign up to your free taster session now to give it a go?