BTBMF Fitness Tests

logo 2Be The Best Military Fitness session, is guaranteed to deliver results.
One of the ways we demonstrate this is to partake in one of our fitness tests.

Fitness tests are organised around every six weeks, to allow clients and our instructors to measure progression and make sure you are achieving those all important personal goals!

RUN FASTER – time your 2.4 k (1.5 miles ) run or walk and see how much faster you get the more BTBMF sessions you attend .
GET TONED – see how many repetitions of sit-ups, press-up and burpees you can do in two minutes and see how much stronger you get the more classes you attend
GET FITTER – Choose your ability group and quickly progress whilst having fun

Overview of our fitness tests :

TEST 1:  The following tests,strength, endurance, using both the aerobic and anaerobic energy systems alongside flexibility and coordination.

Each participant must complete the following circuit test within 15 minutes but no less than 10 minutes. Each test is determined by its ability group, Please see below.

BLUES – 10 press ups, sit ups & burpees, 3 x 20m shuttle runs, five repetitions
GREENS – 12 press ups, sit ups & burpees, 3 x 30m shuttle runs, five repetitions
REDS – 15 press ups, sit ups & burpees, 3 x 40m shuttle runs, five repetitions


TEST 2 : The following will test muscular strength and endurance.

Participants should aim to complete the maximum number of repetitions in two minutes (This will be monitored by the instructor to ensure correct form is maintained)

• Two minutes of press ups (type of exercise will depend on ability group)
• Two minutes of sit ups (supported)
• Two minutes of burpees


TEST 3: The following will test, endurance, flexibility, using mainly the aerobic energy system

A timed 2.4 K 1.5 mile walk or run best effort. (The timings below are to be used as a guide)


  • • Male 10min 30sec
  •   Female 13min 30sec