logo 2Do I need to visit a doctor prior to starting the classes?

You are required to complete a health questionnaire before attending,this form can be completed online http://www.bethebestmilitaryfitness.co.uk/health-questionnaire/

This is a very important document and you won’t be able to start the session without it. We advise woman who may be pregnant to check with their GP before starting any of our classes.

What should I expect from a typical class?

At BTBMF, there’s no such thing as a typical class. Each session is designed by our instructors to be challenging and different, preventing the mind and body from becoming familiar with the workout and becoming bored.

Having said that, each session will provide a whole body workout, targeting all of the major muscle groups. The classes are based upon key Army principles, guaranteed to improve your stamina, agility, speed, strength, endurance and weight loss, all in a fun, exciting and social environment.

We use a set of military timings to conduct our sessions, starting with a 10 minute warm up, followed by a 40 minute main theme and then a 10 minute cool down. Each session will consist of individual, pair and team-based exercises.

Our BTBMF instructors and clients will make you feel very welcome. We’ll discuss with you your individual fitness ability and then place you into the right group to suit you. There is always a session brief prior to the start of any class, so you will always have a clear understanding of the session layout and exercises involved.

All of our instructors have many years of experience, are very enthusiastic and strive to deliver the best possible training for you.

Am I fit enough to attend?

The simple answer is YES! All you need is to be between the ages of 16-70 and be committed to allowing us to improve your fitness. We will do all the rest; by giving you the required motivation and comradeship to achieve all of your fitness goals.

We cater for all levels of fitness and encourage equal numbers of men and women at our classes. All shapes, sizes and fitness levels are welcome and members are split into one of three groups according to their ability:

Blue – Beginners

Green – Intermediate

Red – Advanced

Average group numbers are around 15 people and the session will consist of inter-team, pair and individual fun and exciting exercises.

What should I wear ?

No specialist equipment is required, you just need a good pair of outdoor running trainers. Please avoid wearing any fashion trainers as these don’t provide the required support/grip needed for outdoor training and may result in you being injured.

We recommended the following clothing:
Old long sleeve T-shirt and shorts (summer months), tracksuit bottoms or leggings.
Hoodies (winter months)
Light weight base layer, gloves and hat (winter months)

Please see our Online shop, and browse a range of carefully selected clothing to make your sessions with BTBMF even more comfortable and at affordable prices.


Long sleeve t-shirts are advised during most of our sessions, as you will be in contact with the ground.

BTBMF is based outdoors and we’re there whatever the weather. There’s the possibility of getting muddy or wet so you may want to consider bringing a warm change of clothes with you to put on after the session.


These sessions are designed to make you sweat! You should ensure you arrive and keep hydrated so we recommend bringing a water bottle with you.

Where can I leave my valuables?

We advise to avoid bringing valuables to our sessions, but the instructor’s vehicles can be used to store items if required.

When can I register?

You can register at any time via the sign-up page on our website. You will be required to complete an health questionnaire before attending your first session.Please address any health questions you may have with the instructor prior to the start of the session.

We advise arriving at the venue ten minutes prior to the class time displayed to enable us to start the session on time. Latecomers may be required to perform a suitable forfeit!

What happens after my free taster session?

Just simply pay for your chosen monthly or pay as you go sessions though Paypal, and turn up at the venue of your choice on the days of your choice!