Health Questionnaire

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PLEASE NOTE. This health questionnaire is for adult military fitness sessions only 

It is for your own safety that Be The Best Military Fitness (“BTBMF”) finds out as much as possible about your medical history, to ensure that you can cope with the rigours of training, (the “Training”).

Your answers will be treated in the strictest confidence and will not necessarily adversely affect your chance to take part. Any decisions will be made in consultation with you.

It is one of the conditions of your participation in the Training that you give full and accurate details.

Personal Information

Date of Lesson

*Please select an upcoming lesson from our calendar

Emergency Contact Details

Medical History

Do you suffer from or have you ever suffered from any of the following?


In the event of an accident or illness whilst Training, I hereby give permission for BTBMF to initiate medical treatment and to inform the person named as my emergency contact if appropriate.

To the best of my knowledge I confirm that the information I have provided in this medical questionnaire is a true and accurate description of my medical history and any current condition. I understand that BTBMF reserve the right at any time to prevent participation in the Training if BTBMF consider such action necessary for my own safety.

I understand that BTBMF cannot accept any liability or expenses resulting from any illness, injury or other untoward occurrence arising from any undisclosed medical condition (other than to the extent that death or personal injury arises as a result of its negligence).

I confirm that I will immediately inform BTBMF of any change to the information I have provided.

I have read and understood the Conditions of Participation.