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Angharad Richards

When I started BTBMF I struggled to jog more than a few paces. Although the instructors all have military backgrounds they aren’t like drill sergeants. The boys are kind and encouraging and help you to reach your individual goals.

Each session is varied, although we do some things regularly I have yet to do two identical sessions which keeps it interesting. Some weeks are harder than others but they are always fun and I look forward to each session. For the first time I’ve found exercising enjoyable. Lots of the activities are team based so you get to know the group quickly as you all work together.

The other people in the group are warm and welcoming I have made some lovely friends. I have seen a huge improvement in my general fitness and my body shape started to change within a few weeks. I highly recommend BTBMF to men and women of all ages and abilities

Rachel Connolly

Rachel Connolly

7 weeks ago I seen a post on face book advertising the start up of a military boot camp in Cwmbran. I had always wanted to do something like this as I’m not really a fan of gyms. I like working out and exercising but I don’t like the confinement of doing that indoors. A boot camp at a local park seemed ideal for me. So, I signed up and went along
full of nerves and not knowing what to expect.

I was greeted by friendly instructors Graham Betty and Adam Hughes who made me feel really welcome. They talked about their military back ground and what they wanted to achieve with Be The Best Military Fitness. The 1st session was mapped out and was a 40 minute circuit training session with a warm up and cool down. It was hard!! Graham and Adam were there giving us all instructions but more so giving encouragement, which was needed.

Since that first week they have varied the sessions so that we don’t get used to the exercises and created a lot of team work and team building fun exercises which has meant I have created bonds with people who were strangers on that first session, now they are friends. Friends that want to see me succeed and help me achieve my goals in each work out. We are all their for each other., no one gets left behind or finishes alone.

In 7 weeks I have noticed a difference in me, as a person. I now know I have the ability to get through hard, painful workouts by gritting my teeth and believing I can and will do it. My body has changed too, it’s getting harder and more defined which is nice after having 2 children!

I feel stronger mentally and physically and have made loads of new friends. I’m really pleased I signed up and won’t be changing it for anything else.

Jennifer Hale

As someone who previously only enjoyed solitary exercise in a stuffy gym I can highly recommend Be the Best Military Fitness. Exercising outdoors, even in the wind and rain is far more enjoyable and sociable than exercising alone in a busy gym, especially if you’ve been stuck inside working all day.

The sessions are varied so no two are ever the same, and all exercises can be adapted to the individual’s ability. You will receive a full brief at the start of each session where the instructors explain and demonstrate all exercises that are planned as part of the class, so there is never any uncertainty about what is required.

Throughout all sessions you will be encouraged and motivated not only by the instructors but also by the other class participants, helping you to reach your full potential. Each class provides full body workout whilst working as part of a team. You will have so much fun you will forget you are exercising!

The instructors and class participants are all very friendly, and you quickly feel as though you are part of one big family. I currently attend 3 outdoor sessions a week and if time permitted I would train with Be the Best Military fitness every day!